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The Monday Nightingales first sang together in April 2013. 

We started the choir with twelve people and early on there were days when we had as few as eight at a rehearsal.  We had agreed that the choir would cover a wide range of music so that there would be something for everyone and that we would accept anybody who wanted to join regardless of their singing standard. 

These policies still apply, and we have always had a wide range of abilities in the choir from beginners to very gifted singers.  The main thing is to have fun and thanks to Tanya’s style of leadership our two-hour rehearsals are light-hearted but serious.  The choir has improved immensely in size and quality in the years that we’ve been together, and we now have more than seventy choristers.


  Since December 2013 we have held concerts twice a year except during the Covid years of 2020 - 2022.

We do not charge for our concerts believing that music should be accessible to all.  We do collect for a charity hoping that those attending will give generously.  Since July 2016 we have supported the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) believing that a charity bringing music to underprivileged children is worthy of all the support we can give.







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